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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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facility. >> and another spare the air day for the fifth in a row. why you won't be allowed to burn a fire in your fireplace for the holidays. >> good thing they are running the yule logs. christmas may be over but hey, the weekend has arrived. the temperatures are going to be comfortable and we've got one more holiday, i've got the new year's eve and new year's day forecast coming up. >> for those ever you wondering what it looks like in san francisco, that is what it looks like right now. on this friday, december 27th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news in lebanon, a powerful bomb rocked a central business district in beirut kill be five people. lebanese television says among the dell mohammed chita.
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more than 70 injured. there was thick smoke in the commercial district. the army is cordoning off the area. it appear as car bomb caused the explosion. lebanon has seen a wave of bombings over the past few months as tensions rise over the civil war in neighboring syria. new details in a shooting that sent two men to the hospital overnight. east palo alto officers say a 23-year-old man and 20-year-old man were shot near garden street. both are in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. police have not released the description of the suspect or suspects. >> new inmorning, a man three times the legal drinking limit was arrested after crashing his car with his 4-year-old daughter riding inside. it happened on 101 north of shiloh road near santa rosa. they say rod reio reyes was
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driving 70 miles an hour, made a turn and lost control and crashed into a tree. chp says the man got himself and his daughter out and took off running. they took the girl from his arms. the girl was wearing a seat belt but not 18 child safety seat. they were both taken to the hospital where minor injuries. >> this morning a dramatic turn in the heart wrenching case of jahi mcmath. doctors and the courts agree the 13-year-old is brain dead but her family wants her moved out of the hospital and into a care facility. chase cain joins us live at children's hospital oakland with new details on the disagreement and what's next. chase. >> reporter: it appears that a judge will have to step in, in this dispute one more time. this is probably headed to a courtroom because the family wants to move jahi elsewhere but that would require a surgery which the hospital says they are not willing to perform. 13-year-old was declared brain dead back on december 12 after
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she underwent a tonsillectomy here at children's hospital. on tuesday, a judge declared she was legally dead after he heard from several doctors who had all examined the girl. and the judge's order to keep her on a ventilator will expire monday at 5:00. before that happens, her family wants to move her elsewhere. but that would require a surgery to install or insert a feeding tube. last night jahi's family talked about what this week has been like for them. >> we spent christmas together as a family. and doing a lot of prayers and trying to have fun, hoping for a miracle. look likes we may have gotten our miracle. we found out that someone is willing to take jahi away from children's hospital to a facility nearby in the bay area. to treat her, give her an ng tube for nutrition, and give her a fighting chance. right now we're asking children's hospital to work with
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us. >> reporter: but the hospital will not perform that surgery because they released a statement saying, quote, they do not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a dead person is an appropriate medical practice. that from spokesperson for the hospital. meantime t family is not releases the name of the facility they want to transfer jahi, they don't want to make this process more difficult than it is. again, that judge's order to keep her on a ventilator expires monday at 5:00 so the family's attorney will have to move quickly. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much. >> san francisco police will be out in full force cracking down. patrols will be stationed until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow as part of a grant looking for drunk drivers. officers warn people not to drink and drive during the holiday season. for those planning to drink, have a ride or a designated sober driver. the increased enforcement and check points will continue
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through the new year. >> time to check the weather. there is a lot going on. we give you a live look at san jose. today is the bay area's 20th spare the day of the winter season. look at this map from it's updated in real time. you see the bay area in orange, much of it, and that means the air is unhealthy for certain people. >> this morning team coverage. meteorologist christina loren has a look at the forecast, but let's saturday out with mavian favro live at san jose along ol a me da. no fires and fireplaces in the bay area for the rest of the holiday? >> reporter: that's true, laura. that is a tough call because it's a very chilly 34 degrees as you can see on this sign behind me. but inyou do that you risk getting a fine. before christmas we had 11 spare the air days 18 row, that was the longest stretch in history. you may remember you could fairly see the skyline the air was so polluted. most of the bay area had
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unhealthy air quality above the state and federal standards for particulate matter. it is often worse here because the polluted air gets trapped in our valley bowl. >> this year we're not lucky with the weather and it's sitting here, there is no wind, and we have a lot of pollution just building up near the ground. where it counts. that's where we breathe. >> reporter: doctors say we are in flu season now and the unhealthy air can make it much more difficult for kids to recover. the best option for your family is stay indoors when possible, don't exercise outside on spare the air day, and carpool if you can. here is another tip. you get in your car, set your vent to resirk you slight you're not getting the bad air quality in your vehicle. reporting live, "today in the bay." >> let's check in with
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meteorologist christina loren. we've seen so many of these spare the air days. >> it's easy to say oh, i have a headache, maybe it's the air quality. we don't know for sure f. you have asthma acting up it could likely be due to the bad air quality. in that case you want to keep that circulation going. otherwise we've had a good looking day shaping up. along the coast you find the best air quaultd. the inland valleys is where we're seeing air quality suffer especially in the central valley. san francisco at 44 degrees. a beautiful start to the day t one thing that we do get out of that hazy sky is a gorgeous sun rise. we'll be able to show you the live pictures from across the bay area. maybe you don't have to go to work. a nice day later on. stay in bet for now. temperature in the 30s and 40s. things are going to change this afternoon. i want to take to you futurecast. a weak disturbance on the way. i stopped the clock at 3:00.
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clouds increasing across the greater bay area. this is a good sign. all of this moisture, this disturbance will kick up wind as well. that's going to fewer fi our air. tomorrow we're looking much better off. and here is your official air quality forecast. this from the bay area aircraft quality management district. you can see saturday, sunday and monday giving us a much better reading. so today it's illegal to burn. you should be able to burn sarpt, sunday and monday. but yeah, if you can carpool that's one great way to help out the situation. mike has the day off. i'm pulling double duty. throughout the day today you can expect, temperatures are going to be comfortable. it's cold right now. but a lot waking up and hitting the highway. it's been light so far this morning. bay bridge toll plaza shows you no metering lights, very light drive. usually this is stacked up at
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this hour. one incident in lafayette, pleasant hill road at taylor on the surface streets. a crash without injuries there. we'll keep tabs on weather and traffic simultaneously all morning long. >> thanks. >> time now is 6:09. still ahead on "today in the bay," progress getting the power back on in the northeast and canada after ice starms, why crews say warm weather on the way. could be a bad thing for repairs. >> a live look. things are pinging up on interstate 80. people coming and going, headed to tahoe. we need more snow. where is that going to happen.
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we are watching the skies over san jose this morning awaiting the sun's arrival on this friday morning. if you have a holiday, hope you enjoyed it. >> today's top stories, five are dead, more than 70 injured after powerful car bomb goes off in beirut, lebanon. among the dead is a former lebanese ambassador to the united states. nbc reporting at least one american is dead. lebanon has seen a wave of bombings as tensions rise over the civil war in neighboring syria. >> a twist in the jahi mcmath life support fight. the girl's family says a facility is willing to keep the 13-year-old tonsillectomy patient on a breathing machine.
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the hospital is objecting to the transfer. >> no fires in fireplaces for the holidays. today is a spare the air day throughout bay area. the fifth spare the air day in a row t 20th of the season. >> president obama signed several bills into law while he vacations with his family in hawaii. one of the new laws is a wide ranging defense bill that includes a measure that prevents military commanders from overturning jury convictions in sexual assault cases. the law gives more than $550 billion for the military's regular budget and gives military personnel a 1% raise. >> the president signed the bipartisan budget deal, it eases the mandatory sequestered budget cuts by more than $60 billion and raises some revenue through non-tax measures such as an increase in tsa security fees. the law will stabilize federal finances through late 2015. >> tomorrow a lifeline expires
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for more than 1 million americans without work more than six months. danielle leigh is on capitol hill where a fight is brewing to reinstate long term unemployment benefits. >> the emergency benefit created in response to the recession five years ago has given millions of americans unable to find work the cushion they needed. come tomorrow long term unemployment insurance will disappear. >> once their state benefits run out, that enables them to pay their mortgages, pay for heating, buy food, those benefits will come to an abrupt end. >> reporter: economists warn it could slow the country's economic recovery. >> you know who had a merry christmas. >> reporter: the group americans united for change is out with this ad, attacking republicans who largely opposed extending the benefits as part of the budget deal reached this month. >> democrats will continue to stand strong. >> in january they are expected
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to vote on a bill that would extend the benefits for three months. many are promising to oppose it. >> they should say we want to raise the taxes. >> reporter: critics of the extension say the economy is improving and worry continuing the benefits will only increase depend answer on the government. >>.er is being restored in the northeast since an ice storm. in vermont utility crews are expecting more power outages tonight as more snow falls across the state. tree branches are coated with thick ice damaging power lines. many people in the area tell us that they rely on generators to supply light and heat. >> michigan utility crews warn customers power may not be fully restored until early next week. power companies say most repairs will be finished by saturday.
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the area is experiencing warmer weather but that could be a bad thing because branches already weighed down by ice could bounce up and affect power lines once again as the ice melts. >> same thing in canada. snow causing problems up there. 54,000 people without power in kront alone. still snowing in toronto making it difficult to get power back to neighborhoods. toronto's electric company has to individually reconnect 18% of its customers to the grid. that takes time. >> the trees are so down. nobody's been to our street to fix anything. >> utility companies warn about carbon monoxide poisoning as people get more desperate, two children and two adults were hospitalized after they burned coal in their apartment. >> no rain, no snow headed our way. >> nothing significant.
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we have about a 10% chance of this area of low pressure to squeeze out moisture today into tomorrow. not looking very good for that. what will happen is enough wind for better air quality over the weekend. temperatures are starting out in the 40s, in the mid-30s. the peninsula at 42. 30 degrees straight up in the north bay. we're all headed toward a mild day. temperatures approaching the upper 60s to low 70s in the south bay. so as this disturbance is coming in from the north moving to the south, you're going to cloud up earlier in the north bay so. the warmest readings in the south bay, south of the golden gate bridge will be the warmest. 69 degrees, a little wind throughout so air quality is not as bad along the peninsula is what we're seeing in the inland valley. looking good in san francisco, pacific heights 65 degrees t sunrise 7:15 this morning. north bay, looking good.
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mid-60s for you starting out cold, a mild rebound. east bay, oakland, and pleasanton, 68 in the try valley. looking good for an unseasonably mild day. we'll see the area of low pressure come through. we'll see temperatures drop a touch but better air quality. as we head through sunday, a touch cooler. we're going to hold onto warm weather as we progress throughout sunday a. peek at your new year's eve forecast, your seven-day forecast is scrolling here. every region across the bay area is covered. take a look at this. a lot headed to san francisco. temperatures, not too bad, 54 degrees, and we're not counting on any sort of low clouds to -- a shot of the fireworks, it's going to be spectacular. throughout the next couple days temperatures are going to start to drop off. you'll notice lighter than
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normal traffic all the way through the new year, that's what mike has been roorting as kids still have this week and next week off. we're looking light. i want to show you a couple things now though. take you into novato. ans in dwent a christmas tree. don't you think it's a little early to get rid of the christmas tree. wait until at least new years. show you o'80 looking good. both directions are looking nice and smooth. this is through emeryville, westbound flowing a little toward the bay bridge. moving smooth so far so good. back to you. >> i guess for some when christmas is over it's over. gret rid of the tree. lots making their way for the firt bird count. the event organizers say it's the perfect time to take count because birds tend to be more
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accessible during winter. bird watchers head to 17 spots, catching a glimpse of more than 100 bird species. >> we'll show you the new year's eve preparations under way. >> holiday spirit as long as the coffee. that's strong. how an east coast starbucks is paying it forward, 700 customers later. >> overlooking san francisco there in the distance. you can make out the bay bridge. the sun is coming up.
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it's t(6:23 around the bay. we're looking at a live picture of san francisco right now. it's a trade-off. another nice day, another spare the air day. we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >> hard to believe new years around the corner. we're going to get our look at that giant ball that will drop on new year's eve. >> put it together now. assembly the waterford crystal ball. 12 feet in diameter. going to weigh 12,000 pounds. the first ball made out of iron and wood weighed 700 pounds. and covered in 100 light bulbs. >> over the next weeks there is
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a chance most of us will look for a way to get rid of the old christmas tree. this is one option. san francisco announced its tree recycling program running trees through a giant wood chipper. from january 2-15 people can put trees on the curb and they will pick it up for shredding. it will create new energy for homes. reminder trees cannot be composted. people are asked not to burn the trees. we talked about how we had so many spare the air days. >> last year they picked up 500 tons of christmas trees. >> a lot of trees. >> christmas may be over. the spirit of giving is alive and well in connecticut. >> more than 700 customers continued to pay it forward since christmas eve. >> reporter: no sleigh bells jingling, just tires turning. instead of santa an upbeat star
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bucks barista helping others pay it forward. >> 680 cars. >> reporter: 100s have rolled up to this drive-through window cash in hand only to find the person ahead of them has bought their coffee for them. >> i think it's cool that a total strangers are willing to say hey, i'm going to pay for the car behind me. >> and visiting from out of town they got a nice welcome to connecticut. >> i think it shows that people do care and love for one another and in a simple act. >> reporter: a random act started when one customer paid for the next person in line. now a movement of generosity and good cheer. >> it's a nice thing to do. feels good to get a coffee and help out people. >> reporter: it may be a record breaking pay it forward drive through movement as the number of customers participating tops 700. star bucks says it will keep the chain up as long as customers wish to participate ensuring the holiday spirit will live on past
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the holidays. >> i think it's just a great testimony that a little thing can change someone's day. >> do something nice. absolutely. if the it's here, fine. somewhere else, just do something nice for somebody. it will come back to you. >> karma. we're talking karma. as of last night, 765 customers at that location paid it forward. >> we could start it here. what kind of covery do you take? >> as long as it's strong and black that's all i care about. good morning to you. at this hour you're up with us, we tip our hats to you because you know what, you are part of the early, early crowd. you know what, your drive now trying to get to work, really light. weather is cold though as we head throughout the next couple hours temperatures warm up quickly, full sunshine right off the bat. that means another unseasonably mild day with temperatures in the upper 60s we still have the poor air quality but it is going to improve dramatically getting into the next 72 hours.
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we should be back in the moderate range and not sparing the air as of tomorrow. >> thanks so much. 6:26. ahead college football's first two female referees call the shots at a bowl game. which bay area stadium will be playing host. >> plus, brave and fast. new details about the officer who ran to the rescue during the free way fire. >> an update to breaking news as a powerful blast kills five. we'll tell you what experts say the motive might be. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a beautiful sight for commuters.
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>> breaking news. a deadly blast in the heart of beirut. we'll tell you why the district was targeted next. >> female referees calling the shots at a bowl game. a college football first here in the bay area. >> out to wall street.
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the opening bell. new york stock exchange has been at or above setting records just about with every day it seems lately. on very ver to the nasdaq where the bell is different. so is the look. it's friday, december 27th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning. the last friday of 2013. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news in lebanon where a powerful bombing rocked a central business district of beirut this morning killing five people, injuring more than 70 others. lebanon has seen a wave of bombings as tensions rise over syria's civil war. danielle leigh joins us live in washington, d.c. this morning. we understand among the dead in today's blast a former ambassador to the united states. >> reporter: it's true, and this
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attack happened in a very busy business section of downtown beirut lebanon it sent people running for cover. video just after the attack shows smoke billowing into the air and a car completely destroyed. we're being told that mohammed chatah was the target. not only was he a former ambassador to the united states also a top aide to the former prime minister in lebanon and former finance minister, that prime minister was killed in a separate attack in 2005. we're told that at least five people including chatah and his driver were killed in the attack anat least 70 others were injured. chatah is a member of the western-backed coalition group fighting against the militant group hezbollah. hezbollah is allied with the syrian regime so there has been a lot of tension there in recent years with the uprising in syria. right now hezbollah is not taking responsibility for this attack. live in washington, i'm danielle leigh, laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. connecticut state police will release the full report today a few weeks after the first anniversary of the sandy
6:32 am
hook elementary school massacre. prosecutors put out a summary last month and portrayed adam lanza as obsessed with mass murders but ultimately concluded his mo tifrs may never be known with several thousand page report on the investigation into last year's shootings that killed 20 students and six educators will be released this afternoon. >> new details about a los angeles police officer who is being hailed a hero after pulling a man from a burning car in southern california. we first showed you this video yesterday, a driver crashes into the concrete divide on the 405 freeway in sherman oaks yesterday. the car burst into flames, sent smoke into the air. two drivers pulled over to help. it was a member of the bomb squad headed in to work who dove in and pumed the man out. >> you know you have to do something and save someone's life or you're going to watch
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someone burn to death alive. and you just have to do it. you have to do what you have to do. >> he did. ironically the officer spotted the accident while head forward an early shift at work, a shift he never works since he had to be treated for minor burns himself. the driver was also treated for minor injuries. then was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> way to go, officer. let's check in to see what's going on around the bay area. >> all the microclimates have you covered. hey, these are your current temperatures but if you can't wait for the seven-day forecast, maybe you can't wait for that new year's eve forecast, it's right here at the bottom of your screen. it will be scrolling there all the regions covered across the bay area through my weather reports. 42 in santa cruz. it's beautiful on the sands of santa cruz. temperatures in the 70s. a little bit cooler but not too bad out there. mountain view at 42, san francisco, at 44. we're all going to end up in the upper 60s for today.
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it's a spare the air day. there is better air quality on the way as of this afternoon. an area of low pressure is going to bring about mostly cloudy conditions by about 3:00, 4:00 for the greater bay area. and behind it winds pick up. enough wind to give us better air quality starting tomorrow. this is the overall trend for san jose. average is 60 degrees. we're going to be at 69 today, saturday 66, 68 for sunday. monday 68 and then tuesday into wednesday seeing the numbers creep back up. high pressure builds and that means no rain in the near future. we do have better air quality we're going to talk more about that and how long we're expecting that to last even with high pressure building back in, in my next report. right now i want to switch gears and talk a little about your morning drive. we have a couple of incidents. 101 at atherton avenue. christmas tree, left lane, stay to the right. you want to make sure if you are going to take your tree to the dump or somewhere to dispose of it that it's secured on your
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vehicle. we see a lot of that every single year. we're looking good, a lot of green on the map, hopefully if you are headed out and about, you're on time, overall no major delays to slow you down. no incidents other than the christmas tree and construction on 101 as you approach sfo. we're going to keep you updated. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> wonder if the tree is still decorated. >> wonder if it's a real one. >> 6:35. it will be a historic fight hunger bowl in san francisco today. >> for the first time in a college bowl game ever there's going to be two female referees. the washington huskies take on the byu cougars at at&t. keep in mind for every ticket sold one meal will be donated to those in need. this is also the last year the bowl is at at&t, next year it moves closer to san jose down to the niners stadium, levi stadium. >> kickoff at 6:30 tonight. sikts range from $25 to $85. can be purchased online.
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>> time now 6:35. still ahead, a ship trapped in the ice in antarctica. why incoming ice breaker ship may have a tough time getting to the dozens stuck on board. >> a cargo plane crashes into warehouses. new details what happened before it went down. new details what happened before
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it went down.
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a very good friday morning to you. isn't that a beautiful live look outside. >> it is. >> i love, love that look. from the bay bridge. look at the lights off in the distance. celebrating the holidays. >> a nice shot. i got one from san jose. you can see the sun on its way and it's going to be a sunny day. the air's not that good but it's going to be a sunny day all over the bay area. >> 6:39. a russian cargo plane crashes into warehouses in serbia -- siberia, rather, killing all nine on board. this is video from russian officials showing the wreckage. russian news reports it was carrying parts when it crash landed at an airport near a military base in one of the largest cities in siberia. the russian investigative committee says a criminal case has been opened into possible violations of transport safety
6:40 am
rules. >> a chinese ice breaker ship is on the way to antarctica to rescue a russian ship stuck in the ice. the ship is carrying 74 people, on a research expedition. on board you have scientists, tourists and crew, winds pushed sea ice around the ship and it froze in place, all on christmas eve. the ship is getting close but getting past the thick ice is not going to be easy. >> just over my left shoulder you can see gray sky what they call water sky, the open water is reflected on the clouds above it. >> experts say the ship is not in danger of sinking. the people have enough supplies so it's stuck up there. >> 6:40. a plane crashes into the front yard of a home here in california. >> an update to breaking news as an explosion rips through a crowded business district in
6:41 am
beirut. new details about the former ambassador to the united states among the dead. >> a twist in the jahi mcmath life support fight. we're going to tell you why the teenager may notten allowed to leave the hospital for a long term care facility. >> taking a live look from high atop san bruno mountain. 44 degrees. later on, unseasonably warm, maybe some records. it's a spare the air day. we have better air quality on the way. we'll let you know when to expect that when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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breaking news in leb a
6:44 am
felon. a powerful bombing rocked a business district of beirut killing five people. among the dead is a senior aide to the former lebanese prime minister. more than 70 people now injured because of that blast which sent thick black smoke billowing into the downtown district. the army is cordoning off the area. it appears a car bomb caused the explosion. lebanon has seen a wave of bombings the past few months as tensions rise over the civil war in neighboring syria. new details this morning in a shooting that sent two men to the hospital overnight. officers say a 23-year-old man and 20-year-old man were shot near garden street. both of the men are in stable condition. no arrests have been made so. far police have not release add description of the suspect or suspects. >> a plane crashes into the front yard of a home in fresno killing the two people on board
6:45 am
including a young boy. the faa says the small single engine plane crashed into the yard of a home about 800 feet west of the fresno chandler airport. authorities say the plane hit a tree, caught on fire killing the pilot and a boy about 9 years old. witnesses say they heard a boom before seeing flames erupt from the crash. the names of the victims have not been released but the fresno bee reports that the boy was the pilot's nephew. the the faa and ntsb are investigating the cause. >> let's take a live look at san jose and beginning to show its colors. today is the bay area's 20th fair the air day of the winter season. look at this map from air this is updated in real time. this is what it's like now. you can see the bay area much of it in orange this morning, which means the air is unhealthy for some. >> this morning we have team coverage. meteorologist christina loren has a look at the forecast.
6:46 am
let's start out with marianne favro in san jose. no fires in fireplaces in the bay area today. >> reporter: that's right. or you could face big fines, laura. you know, the spare the air days are really tough on people who have respiratory problems especially those who have asthma, especially since we are now in our fifth consecutive spare the air day. you may remember before christmas we had 11 straight spare the air days in the bay area. that is the longest stretch in history. you also probably remember how murky the air was in san jose, so bad you couldn't even see the skyline. it's often worse in san jose because the polluted air gets trapped oyn our valley bowl. people with respiratory and elderly are most impacted. kids are sensitive to the air too. >> young children are so vulnerable. their lungs are fragile,
6:47 am
delicate lungs and they are more prone to wheeze when they get respiratory infections, when they have the effect of pollution hitting their lungs. >> reporter: and she says during flu season the polluted air can make it much more difficult for kids to recover from the virus. the best option on spare the air days is minimize your exposure and exercise indoors, it's also recommended that you carpool. now, this morning it's 34 degrees in san jose. that is very chilly. but don't be tempted to burn in your wood burning fireplace because if you do, you could face a $100 fine or you might have to take a special class to educate you about the hazards of doing that. or if it's your second violation, you're looking at a $500 fine. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> right now let's check in with christina loren, we've been talking about the bad air.
6:48 am
tell us all about it. >> it's going to get better. at least a good story this time. i knew going into this month it was going to be rough on our air quality and we're getting into another pattern as we head throughout next week with high pressure building in, stagnant air mass moving in with it. for us we could be sparing the air for much of next week, not toward the end of the week, not until then are we expecting to start sparing the air. right now livermore at 38 degrees, a cool start to the day, you get the best air quality at this hour so if you did want to go for a run or a bike ride, the earlier you do so before all of the cars hit the highway the better off you will be in terms of air quality. san jose at 36 degrees. now the coldest time of the day you could find frost throughout patchy frost if you park outdoors. you can see these high clouds already moving into the south bay. that's all part of an area of low pressure that is going to provide much better air quality. as we head throughout the next couple days. so temperatures today are going to be warm, we're not going to
6:49 am
lose a lot of this. we'll lose a lot of the haze. that's a welcome sign for a lot of people suffering respiratory issues and asthma. a lot of people reporting that those symptoms are acting up. so here's what we're looking toward. this is our welcome friend. this sour weathermaker. mostly cloudy for the bay area. some moisture and it's going to bring in wind so we're going to get that mixture we need, that's going to mix up that big thick layer of haze and finally we're going to fall into the moderate range when it comes to air quality. so much better off. we should not for saturday, sunday, or monday. but as high pressure builds back in we might be sparing the air. it's looking pretty likely toward wednesday, thursday and friday again of next week. so this month will go down in history for the bay area when it comes to air quality. it has never been this poor. it is historic at this point. throughout the next couple days, temperatures are going to be comfortable. the commute light this morning. that's all we're seeing this morning so far. mike has the day off.
6:50 am
we gave him the day off because we had a feeling this is the case. overall, green across the greater bay area. a couple of things to point out. nothing too significant at this point. you might find delays. 880 southbound and my favorite city across the bay area, san lorenzo. comfortable today. and this isn't creating delays so that's the good news. let's show you what it looks like. starting to stack up headed northbound on 880, let's show it to you live what it looks like. slight delay, not bad. overall traffic is picking up later and that will likely be the case. i'm going to be here throughout the day throughout 11:30 and i'll not let anything miss my computer screen. so back to you guys for now. i'm going back to watch traffic and weather together. >> thanks very much. police say a man arrested in a shooting is also linked to several armed robberies in the city. police say 20-year-old james brisker shot a 22-year-old man several times back on december 8. the victim was in a medically
6:51 am
induced coma until a couple days ago. brisker charged with attempted murder was arrested along with a 19-year-old. police say they searched the suspects car and found stolen property from the areas. matthews is facing armed robbery charges. a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday morning. a suspect wanted in connection with a homicide in gilroy is in jail. police arrested ernesto rodriguez yesterday. police say they found him near the crime scene. authorities say the female victim was found dead in the family apartment christmas day. police say the victim had a restraining order against rodriguez. >> a busy intersection in fremont is back open this morning following a crash involving an alameda county fire department suv. fremont police say the suv had its emergency lights and siren on when it collided with a toyota. both drivers were treated and released.
6:52 am
the intersection was closed more than six hours as crews worked to clean up the crash. the cause under investigation. this morning another dramatic turn in the case of jahi mcmath. doctors and the courts agree that the 13-year-old is brain dead. but her family wants her moved out of the hospital into a care facility. chase cain joins us live with new details on the disagreement and what's next. good morning. >> reporter: well, it appear this is will be headed to court. that is likely the next step as a judge will have to intervene because the family wants to move jahi mcmath out of children's hospital into a new facility. the hospital is not willing to perform a surgery that would be required to move the 13-year-old girl. 13-year-old jahi mcmath was declared brain dead on december 12 after a tonsillectomy here at children's hospital. this week on tuesday a judge declared that she was legal hi dead after hearing from several doctor who is examined the teenage girl. the judge did have an order in
6:53 am
place which will expire monday afternoon, to keep her on a ventilator. before that happens, her family wants her out of children's hospital into a new facility but that will require a surgery to insert a feeding tube. >> children's will not assist in this, then we will seek to have a physician come in and do it. if children's tries to block that then we'll be back in court seeking to have what we call a writ of mandate to make them do that. >> the judge did not order any surgical procedure for transfer to another facility. children's hospital does not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. >> reporter: again, you hear the hospital leaning on the judge's ruling earlier that jahi is legally dead. the family is pushing for trying to move her to another facility. they are not saying what facility that is because they don't want anyone to interfere. that judge's order to keep her
6:54 am
on a ventilator expires monday at 5:00 so the family's attorney will have to move quickly. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> a san francisco judge is deliberating the fate of san francisco city college and the 80,000 students enroll there had after what became an all-day hearing. supporters of the college filled the halls of superior court yesterday after the accrediting commission wanted to pull the city college's accreditation next year on july 1 because of extensive financial problems. attorneys representing the teachers union and san francisco asked the judge to stop that process until a trial can be held saying the threat of the loss has devastated the college's enrollment. >> this accreditation continues, more students are going to leave and we're going to continue to see a drop in finances for the college. >> if the accreditation is pulled and the school would be forced to shut down. no word when the judge will make a final ruling but lawyers for
6:55 am
the accreditation commission says the injunction is unnecessary because the college is already appealing the decision. >> ups and fedex working overtime to finish delivering gifts that didn't make it in time. ups says it will make good by offering a refund on shipping charges. fedex hasn't offered refunds but will work with customer who is have trouble. the two say bad weather caused problems, another culprit was the rush of the last minute online purchases. >> we had a shortened holiday season in terms of shopping, then i think you had a surge in online demand particularly accelerated by mobile devices. i think about 40% of all internet sales. >> fedex handed over 255 million shipme shipments. 99% got there on time. ups is not saying how many packages were delayed. >> everybody likes happy endings, here comes one now. an east bay community coming
6:56 am
together to bring holiday cheer to one unlucky family. >> the family woke up on christmas day the find the house robbed and all of the christmas presents gone. >> reporter: as one police officer put it we all have children and we can put ourselves in their shoes and they did. raising $100 matched by the police association, then the fire station stepped in rounding up presents from their holiday drive, and pretty soon the whole community was on board. the sheer excitement of unwrapping presents is argue fwli best part about christmas. reverse this 24 hours and they didn't even have gifts. >> to see a child suffering for something more than you are suffering for something. >> your heart broke. >> yes, it did. >> reporter: but this year santa wore navy blue alameda county fire suits and a newark police
6:57 am
badge, collecting money and presents that shocked this family into thinking maybe their christmas wasn't taken from them after all. >> the other officers on the shift and myself felt sorry for the children, pretty bad timing on the crime. most of us have children and can kind of put ourselves in that place. >> reporter: the officer estimates these thieves nabbed about $3,000 of items from the home on christmas eve no less including the christmas gifts. material things can be replaced. but as explained, it's the thought behind them like mementos, decades from her father, that can leave a gash. >> i think it's more because that's memories for me when i was little. that was going to be for my daughter when she was going to turn 15. >> for that reason all of the presents in the world can't provide the family with one community's generosity has done for their hearts. >> the only thing i can tell them is thank you very much for everything you guys did for
6:58 am
them. they just brought their smiles back and my kids were really happy about it. >> not just smiles. the children were ecstatic riding scooters and testing out the toys on a sadder note though, the thieves also managed to grab jewelry given by her dad which she planned on one day giving to her daughter. obviously that's not going to happen. but everybody is still grateful on this day. sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sam. >> the latest installment of a tradition, right now macy's holiday window displays filled with adoptable animals. >> people can stop by the windows at union square until january 5 maybe to bring heem new friend. you can see the cats and dogs on line as well. more than 280 animals have already been adopted. and the display raised about $60,000 toward the spca. windows always attract a crowd. fees range from $125 for a kitten to $250 for puppies.
6:59 am
discounts├▒ are available for those adopting more than one. >> seems you are promoting that. >> am i? i love animals. i have enough of them already. >> see what's going on weather wise. >> always good to adopt. that way you make the bay area a better place, get them off the streets into a loving home. temperatures chilly, san jose looking pretty good. what a pretty sunrise. you will notice haze. should be the last spare the air day. better air quality and area of low pressure will come through before it arrives though temperatures climb into the upper 60s, mostly cloudy by the end of the day. i want to get to your traffic because we have a couple things cropped up in the oakland area. overall the drive is pretty good. but two incidents to report now. a two-car crash 580 eastbound at 980, also a multivehicle crash 580 eastbound at lakeshore so travel cautiously through there. you can see the flashing lights
7:00 am
now. i-580 at oakland flashing. eastbound you want to take it easy. >> thanks so much. good morning, breaking n good morning, breaking news, help now literally on the horizon for dozens of passengers trapped on a ship in ice at the bottom of the world. power to the people. one full week without electricity for tens of thousands from the midwest to maine. when will their misery end? feeding frenzy. we'll tell you where dozens of swimmers were attacked and injured by a huge school of piranhas. and show him the money. one lawmakers big demand to u.p.s. for failing to deliver packages by christmas. today, friday, december 27th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news,


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